Replica ca. 1830s Baffin/Labrador Kayak

This is a replica of a 20'11-3/8" long and 24-11/16" wide kayak collected by Sir
John Ross, and brought to Hull, England. The original is in the Hull Maritime Museum.

The completed frame. The curved cockpit deck beam, the keelson, and all four chines are
made from driftwood I found on Whidbey Island (Red Cedar).

I launched this replica on Oct. 10, 2004. The kayak felt very large-- 'substantial' compared
to the smaller Greenland kayaks I'd grown accustomed to. Nevertheless, this kayak felt
very fast, though not as agile as the 1820 Baffin Island replica.

On the water photos taken at Depoe Bay Oregon, 2005.

Forward interior view of the replica 1830's Baffin/Labrador kayak.