August-November, 1996
-My introduction to the Arctic-

An iceberg adrift in Clyde Inlet. The face was about 60 feet high.

Looking out into Clyde Inlet from the community of Clyde River.

Fishing with a kakivak on a river at midnight.

Building the "Straits of St. David" replica.

Launching the "St. David" replica. A week later the ocean froze over.

An Inukshuk on the hill behind Clyde.

Kangirtugaapik-- Clyde River, population 600+.

My house in Clyde. This is a plywood shape/size replica of a Qaammaq-- or sod-house.
It was built by elders and rented to me for my stay. The ceiling was about 5'6" high
and the house had cardboard walls inside-- Literally. The chimney was an 8" hole in the
ceiling: while it let the kerosene heater fumes out (mostly), it also let in a daily
pile of snow. My recollections of this house are actually quite glowing despite the

Guys from Clyde on a field trip. These are students at the
community college in Clyde on a trip to archaeological sites
South of Clyde River. I took this photograph because
I liked how the snow-mobile has been modified with a
piece of antler to function as a rifle rest.

Sunrise or sunset-- they both kind of run together towards the polar winter. The
water in the foreground has fresh ice on it.

Ben Illauq and the frame of a childrens' kayak that we built from local materials.

The finished frame of the kayak above. The ocean froze over before we could cover it.

Replica of the 1820 kayak that is presently at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum
in Exeter, England. Parry collected the original near Clyde River. The ocean is
behind the kayak-- frozen over. This kayak remains in Clyde, although I have
since built a second one that is still in my collection.

Red Ice-- an algae bloom that leaves snow looking bright pink.

Two forms of atmospheric phenomena that I saw in the Arctic:
Left, a 'snow-bow'-- a rainbow like arc, only pure white. On the right, a pillar of light
at sunset; this latter image didn't photograph too well. . . it stands out a bit better
when you look at the image from a lower angle (depending on your screen-type).

Sunset at Clyde River.

Many thanks to Beverly and Jushua Illauq and all the
residents of Clyde River for their
hospitality during my stay.