Conjectural Interpretation of an Okvik/Old
Bering Sea Culture Model from ca. 0-500A.D.
(After fig. 1 & 2 in Zimmerly, 2000:3)

This Kayak is entirely based on two photographs of an ivory
kayak-model -- one showing the plan-view, and the other showing
the elevation. It is pure interpetation-- a guess, really-- intended to
represent the form of kayaks used 2000 years ago in the Bering
Straits region. The joinery of the original is unknown and
I made no effort to present a conjectural intepretation of
the structure.

My replica is 14'2-7/8" long, 22-1/8" wide, and has a depth-to-sheer
of 8-1/2", with a depth overall of 9-3/8". All of the curved pieces
except the coamingare free-laminated (i.e., without a jig or form).

Launch-day-- August 16th, 2005.

Rather pretty looking on the water-- it paddles very nicely too. It handles
very nicely, turns and tracks well; not particularly fast but it has good glide.