Kayak from ca. 1606 in the Schiffergesellschaft
zu Lubeck (replica)

This replica was built from a survey I did in 2002. The kayak was likely collected during the Danish Expedition to Greenland in 1606. The kayak measures 17'5-3/4" long, 18-1/16" wide, and 7-1/2" depth to sheer. The Lubeck kayak may be the oldest positively dated intact kayak in the world. A scale drawing of this kayak appears in Kayaks of Greenland.

The Lubeck kayak on the Columbia River, 2004, paddled by Dan Segal. This kayak
has very simple yet elegant lines; the bow is quite deep, and the stern is shallow and gradual. It handles very similarly to the Aivilingmiut kayak in the "Canadian" section,
pivoting or turning on an axis situated well towards the bow.