This replica of an Aivilingmiut kayak was made from Howard Chappelle's drawing in "The Bark Canoes and Skinboats of North America" (1964:205, fig. 195). It measures 18'7-1/4" long, 20" wide, and 7-1/2" depth to sheer. For a kayak of its size, my replica came out quite light: 21#. The original has very lightweight scantlings.

Mike Marsh paddling the Aivilik kayak. This kayak is very swift and agile; it pivots
(turns) on an axis just a few feet from the bow-- typical of most East Canadian kayaks.
This takes a bit of getting used to, but once mastered it is a very capable kayak. For its
relatively small size, it is very comfortable (roomy in the cockpit), and remarkably stable.