ca. 1888 Point Barrow Kayak replica

This replica was based on the drawing in Adney & Chappelle's "The Bark Canoes and Skinboats of North America" (1964:201, fig.187). It measures 17'3" long, 18-1/2" wide, and 7-3/4" deep to sheer. I built this kayak in 1998, but have just (2010) re-built it to my own survey dimensions and details of the original. This included lengthening the kayak to 18'1." All photos are of the re-build unless stated. The original kayak is at the U.S. National Museum of Natural History-- when Chapelle surveyed it the catalog number was 57773, but it has since been changed to 307211. The lines of this kayak are published in "Kayaks of Alaska."

The finished re-build: April, 2010.


Forward interior view of the earlier incarnation of this replica.

Don Golden paddling my first Pt. Barrow kayak replica on the Willamette, 2005.