QAQORTOQ KAYAK, 1892 (replica)

This kayak is a replica of the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde's 1892 South Greenland kayak that I surveyed in 1998. Its lines have been published in WoodenBoat Magazine (Jan./Feb.2003, page 55), and in Kayaks of Greenland. This kayak measures 17'1-1/4" long, 17" wide, and 6-3/4" deep to sheer. I have built four of these kayaks so far: two for friends, and two for me--- one of which was sawn up and shipped to Greenland where it was re-assembled and used in the 2000 competitions. For More about this, see the section on the 2000 Greenland National Kayak Championships.

Whidbey Island, 2006.

This is the original replica, and version II, after having been sawn-up-- that is a
complete kayak skeleton. . . ready for a 5' long box and a UPS sticker. It took three days to
have it on the water in Greenland. More photos are on the Nuuk 2000 page.