King Island Kayak from the late 1800s.

This is a replica of a kayak likely collected by Dorr F. Tozier in the late 1800s. The Museum of the American Indian
acquired it in 1918 from the Ferry Museum in Tacoma, Washington. It measures 14'1-1/4" long and 23-3/8" wide. The lines of this kayak are published in "Kayaks of Alaska."

The completed frame: Bow, bottom (bow), and stern views.

The finished replica.

Two views of the replica King Island kayak's bow block. I carved it from cedar driftwood.

The bow block lashed in place.

The stern block and gunwale joint. Note the added 'shoulders' -- these are seated on a ledge cut
on the sides of the stern block. The raised top of the stern block will recieve the deck stringer.

The completed frame-- stained red.

Completed bow assembly.

Completed stern assembly.

Detail of the cockpit coaming's stanchions: Note how they are lashed to the adjacent ribs.

Detail of the cockpit coaming/deck beam/deck stringer joint.

Bow Interior of the completed replica.

Another view of the finished replica. This kayak was completed in December, 2008, but launched
on April 19th, 2009.

Launched at Depoe Bay, Oregon.