Child's Kayak based on South Greenland kayak form and construction.

This kayak measures 10'1-7/8" long, 15-1/8" wide, and 6-13/16" depth-to-sheer.
It is framed with cedar and oak, fastened with galvanized nails and lashed
with hemp twine.

This is a scale drawing of the Child's kayak depicted above, showing details of its joinery.
(The drawing was made from the kayak-- not the other way around.)

A preview of some of the deck fittings. . . .

The finished kayak-- Black deck with a silver bottom. The weight of the kayak is 10 pounds, but for on-the-water use
outriggers will be attached behind the cockpit for stability.

Max Launched his kayak on July 27th 2007 at age 2-1/2"-- 10 times younger than I was when I first kayaked.