This Siberian kayak replica measures 15'3" long and 24-13/16" wide. It was built from lines
published in David Zimmerly's book "Qayaq" (2000:12, fig.10). The original was collected
by A. E. Nordenskiold ca. 1879, and is in the Ethnographic Museum of Sweden, Stockholm.

Despite its comparatively short length and flat deck, this kayak has a lot of room in it.
Its depth-to sheer is 10-1/2" at the front of the cockpit, so it has considerable volume.

The original, as depicted in Zimmerly (2000:12,fig.10), did not have a coaming, and appears to have never had one.
I did put one on my replica based on a drawing of a kayak referred to both as a "Maritime Chukchee" kayak and also an
"Eskimo type" (In W. Bogoras' The Chukchee, 1904-09, pt.1, p.135/fig.47c.)

On the water, March 2007.