Replica of a ca.1933 EAST

The original is in the Museon, den Haag, the Netherlands. (Mus. no.48057) Surveyed by H. Golden. The dimensions are 19'3-3/8" long, 19-1/8" wide, and 6" depth-to-sheer. The scale lines of this kayak have been published in SeaKayaker Magazine, June 2000 (pg.50-51, fig.2), as well as in Kayaks of Greenland.

John Heath and Maligiaq Padilla during the filming of "Paddling
With Maligiaq" in Tacoma, Washington in 1999. Maligiaq used my East
Greenland replica for the under-water scenes of him rolling.

Setting up for a traditional Greenland kayak roll: Reverse Sweep with paddle
held behind the head.