NATTILINGMIUT KAYAK, ca. 1914 (replica)

This is a replica of a caribou hunting kayak made by Nattilingmiut (also referred to as "Netsilik"). The original is in the Canadian Museum of Civilization (cat. no. IV-C-708), and its lines have been published in Eugene Arima's "Inuit Kayaks in Canada" (1987:201, fig.12) It measures 20'2-1/2" long, 18" wide, and 8-1/4" depth to sheer. Despite its extreme dimensions, it is agile and remarkably stable-- I rarely hesitate to put a beginner in it, pending water conditions.

The Nattilingmiut kayak replica on the beach, 2007. I built it ca. 1996, and still use it now and then.

Forward Interior View.

On the water, Whidbey Island, 2007. The paddle is made of western red cedar--
a piece of driftwood I split apart and scarfed together.