DISKO BAY KAYAK, ca. 1850s (replica)

I built this replica from lines taken by John Brand, and published in his "The Little Kayak Book" vol. III (1988:21). The original kayak is in the British Museum, London. It measures 17'6-3/4" long, 18-1/2" wide, and 7-1/4" deep. This is the second Greenland kayak replica I've built (1996), and I still use it quite often today. Below are photos taken in the summer
of 2004 off Whidbey Island, WA.

Above is the crabbing kit I've successfully used for Dungeness crab. Its a
pyrimidal wire trap with line and a buoy. It works great, but I have since
replaced the cylindrical buoy with a duck decoy-- that won't roll around
the kayak's deck. The paint job is new-- prevents more leaks and is a
camouflage pattern seen on Greenland kayaks.

I thought I'd experiment with a small, light-weight bilge-pump system on
this kayak: I used a fuel primer bulb mounted to a board set inbetween
the forward deck stringers. The intake hose is tacked to the keel right
below where I sit, and the outfeed goes through a 1/2" d. hole I drilled
through the gunwale. The pump is knee-operated. Total cost under $10.